2017-05-10 08:59:45

lost wax casting materials

Lost Wax Casting is a method that dates back hundreds of years, from sand and clay casting to investment castings. The lost wax casting process is a reliable and cost efficient method of creating and manufacturing jewelry. Investment casting is used with almost any castable metal, such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper alloys, Aluminum alloys and steel are the most common.

Alloy Steel:ASTM 430;ASTM410;ASTM 416,ect.Carbon Steel:WCB,AISI1020;AISI1045;S355J2G3,S235JR,ect.Stainless Steel:SS304;SS316;SS316L;17-4 PH;ect.Copper:C21000;C26800;C27000;C27200,ect.

We carry the line of Yasui Casting Machines, Yasui Wax Injectors, and Vacuum Pressure Casting machines for Gold and Silver. The Yasui VCC, Centrifugal casting machine for Platinum. For vacuum casting we can offer you basic electric melters, CEIA Induction Melters. To complete the casting room, a full line of Burnout Ovens and Rotating Furnaces, Vulcanizers, Vacuum Investing Machines, Investment removal equipment and related casting accessories.