2017-05-15 16:01:41

Zinc Die Casting Treatment Before Plating


Zinc die casting is always in high production efficiency because it is molded by one time. So that zinc die casting only needs little cost. Zinc die casting is especially suit for the spare parts which own complicated geometry and without strict tolerance. This die castings are regarded as various types of trimming.

Doing good treatments before plating is the key to successful electroplating. Sometimes worker has been ignored the pre treatment. That is easy to lead a large number of plating rework or scrap. With the specific characteristics, rework is always difficult. So there is high reject rate in the electroplating process.

The forming of zinc die casting relies on the mold. You should apply on the mineral oil and other protection agent timely during the process. The parts will also get a trace of greasy in the muzzle and operation processes after casting molding. These oil must be cleaned before plating. Otherwise it will affect the binding force of the coating and the matrix. You can not add chemical raw materials which with strong alkaline into zinc alloy degreasing fluid. On the contrary, you ought to use compounds with weakly basic.