2017-05-15 15:24:59

Zinc Die Casting Process


Zinc die casting process has various characteristics. Its die casting is very easy to appear the blowhole and be loosen. Its cooling speed is very fast because of soluble alloy time is short in the filling process. While zinc die casting can not take heat treatment in order to avoid creating a raised or deformation on the casting surface when heating. So there is an influence on the quality of casting product.
The main elements of zinc alloy is composed of zinc and other elements. Zinc alloy casting performance is very good. And its casting shape is also very complex. The casting surface is very smooth. Zinc alloy melting point is low. So its corrosion resistance is poor. The casting will be deformation if the impurity elements in alloy composition is high.

Zinc die casting products are not suitable for small production. Because the die design is in high cost and long cycle. Generally speaking die casting machine costs high and not suitable for standard product with mass production. The shaping rate of zinc die casting is relatively low, especially for elongation. This casting is not suitable for working in the conditions which impact load overweight and vibration. It is very complex and difficult to complex concave in die casting.

Generally speaking the service life of zinc die casting mold is short and especially for alloy die casting with high melting point. So people should be very careful to the mold in the repeated using process.

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