2018-04-20 11:12:10

The Developing Of Casting Mould Industry In China

  First, although the importance of foundry mould industry has been recognized by more and more people, it has not yet reached its due height, so its position has not been completely corrected, the policy cannot be fully implemented, and the strength and strength of its support is not enough.As for the characteristics of the mold industry, in addition to the industry outside the real understanding of the people are not many.In order to get more support, the propaganda task is still very heavy.


  Second, compared with the international advanced level, the foundry mold industry in our country has a big gap in terms of concept, design, technology, technology, experience and so on. Generally speaking, we are still in the stage of following and learning from advanced countries, and innovation is not enough.It has not yet reached the stage of information manufacturing and management and innovation, but it is only at a medium level in the world. Compared with the international advanced level, the overall level of the industry is about 15 years behind.Among them, the gap between online inspection and information management of casting die processing is more than 15 years.Narrowing the gap has a long way to go.


  Third, the period of rapid economic growth in China is nearing the end. In the future, it will take on a trend of even moderate growth. Rising costs and declining profit margins will become the norm, and the binding force of energy and ecological environment will become increasingly strong.The structural adjustment and the change of growth mode are imminent. There are many variable factors in the world. In this situation, it is very difficult but must be realized to maintain the steady growth and sustainable development of the casting mould industry.The industry is faced with the solution of this difficult problem.


  Fourthly, the shortage of talents, especially the shortage of middle and senior talents, has become an important bottleneck in the development of mould industry. Although we have made a lot of achievements in the field of talent training in recent years, there is still a big gap from the demand.China's demographic dividend is decreasing, and human resources will tighten for a long time.Strengthening the training of talents to meet the needs, applying high and new technologies, doing a good job of integrating the two industries, developing information, standardization and automation, and reducing production and employment are all tasks before us, although some of them are relatively long-term goals.But it must be taken seriously.


  Fifthly, the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, the increase of receivables, the shortage of funds, the rising of cost and the declining of profit margin still exist, can not be solved well, and are still developing.Energy supply is tight in some southern provinces and cities, and industrial power use restrictions still exist.

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