2017-05-15 15:01:30

Sand Casting and Gravity Die Castings

Sand Castings
For hundreds of years, among all other castings, sand casting continues to be one of the most popular casting methods. Even todays, it has a great significance in the area of large metal forms production. With the cooperation, assistance and instructions of our large expert and knowledge pool group, we are capable of handling sand casting of iron, bronze, brass, aluminum. Our state of art infrastructure will provide you with high quality machining using CNC, quality control support using CMM and complete testing facility using tensile testing, hardness testing machine and chemical testing by spectrometer(through tie up).

Gravity Die Castings
If you want to go for mass production and that also for fully mechanized casting, then Gravity Die Casting is a good casting process. For producing smooth and textured, well defined, accurately dimensioned metal parts, gravity-die casting method is also very good process. Our die casting services are of excellent quality. We have a vast pool of knowledge to make gravity die casting. Our knowledge in this regard is as per the international standards and we adopt new innovative knowledge from time to time. We are the manufacturer and supplier of aluminum gravity die casting.

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