2018-04-07 10:37:08

Sand Casting Products for Auto Components & Machinery Parts

Sand Casting Products for Auto Components & Machinery Parts

■ Materials:
1. Chassis, Case:Aluminum Alloy, Brass, Bronze, Magnesium, Steel, Alloy steel ....etc.

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2. Chassis, Case:Die casting Aluminum alloy, Die casting Zinc alloy, Die casting Tin alloy ....etc.
3. Panel:Industrial ABS, PC-ABS, PC, PP, Nylon
4. Keypad:Silicone, Rubber

5. Stamping parts:Stainless steel, cold-rolled Beryllium, Steel, Spring steel, Brass ....etc.

6. LCD Modules and protection tempered glass (ex, Gorilla) + ITO/AR/AG/AF/AS coating

7. PCB:FR4 Hi-Tg laminate, FR4+Rogers, FR4+Polymer, FR4+Isola ....etc.

■ Plating & Coating:
Nickel/ Cu/ Sn/ Rh/ Cr3/ Cr6 ....etc.

Secondary Machining: 
1. CNC
2. Vibrating finishing
3. Trimming
4. Drilling
5. Sand blasting
6. Tapping

■ Painting & Coating:
1. UV coating 
2. Soft-touch Painting
3. Electrodeposition, ED

■ Method of Production:
1. Sand Casting

2. Die casting
3. 2K injection (ABS+TPE)
4. Insert molding
5. Glass joints by ultrasonic welding
6. PCBA parts purchasing
7. PCBA assembly
8. Programming and testing
9. Product final assembly and testing