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Resin Sand Casting

1. Sand molds often use resin based chemical binders that possess high dimensional accuracy and high hardness.
2. Such resin-bonded sand molds take somewhat longer to manufacture than green sand molds because a curing reaction must take place for the binder to become effective and allow formation of the mold.
3. As in clay-bonded molds, the sand can often be recycled, although with some treatment to remove the resin.

We have two kinds of resin sand casting suppliers.
1) Factories with manual process that can handle low or medium volume of works or high weight products.
2) Factories with semi automatic machinery which improve production rates

Advantages of Resin Sand Casting
In general better dimensional accuracy than green sand moulding.
Casting weight range manual moulding 0.1 kg to 10, 000 kg
Better surface finish can be achieved either by mould coating, the use of finer sand or facing sand.
Fairly simple process
Suited to complex shapes, and cores.
Versatile casting process, can use flasks or be boxless
Low pattern equipment costs can be made from wood or resin.

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