2017-05-15 15:19:33

Preparation Work For Sand Casting Process


Sand casting is a foundry method for casting in sand mold. Due to its material is a wide range of sources and in low cost. So sand casting is most commonly used. At present our country sand castings account for about 80% of the total casting production. Sand casting process has some steps, such as ready for pattern and core box, sand and the core sand preparation, modeling and core making, smelting and pouring, falling sand and clean, inspection and storage.

The pattern and core box is the basic process equipment for molding and core making. Core box used in the manufacture of core, shape and size of the cavity and the core can adapt each other. Pattern and core box can made of wood in the single or small batch production, but in the large or mass production, it can made of aluminum alloy, plastic and other materials.

Modeling materials are used in the manufacture of mould material, including the molding sand and the core sand. Sand mainly consists of raw sand, binder, additive, water, sand mixed in proportion. Molding sand can be divided into clay sand, resin sand, water glass sand, oil sand and so on according to the type of binder in the sand. Molding sand and core sand have many properties. Such as enough strength, high refractory, good air permeability and better giving.

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