2017-05-15 16:00:36

Maintenance Knowledge About Zinc Die Casting


As we all known, many customers have the problems of material defects while using the zinc die casting process. Certainly you should be careful in zinc die casting processing, using, repairing and maintenance. Many manufacters are at a loss what to do about these problems.

Generally speking, zinc die casting is always in bad using conditions, such as Aluminum alloy die and zinc die casting. The melting point of aluminum is 580-740℃. But the aluminum liquid temperature is controled in 650-720℃ while using. The cavity surface temperature get up to liquid temperature wihout any preheating for die casting. The cavity surface has been born great tension stress. The casting surface will produce some defects after processing for many times, such as cracking.

However manufactures will take some mesures to solve the defects. The common checking methods include macro corrosion inspection, metallographic examination and ultrasonic examination. The corrosion inspection is mainly checking the porous material, partial analysis, crack and surface hammer crack and seam. Ultrasonic inspection is used for checking the inner of material defects and material size. Metallographic examination is mainly used for examing carbide segregation, distribution state, crystal sizes, intergranular inclusion and so on.