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Green Sand Casting Manufacturer

Sand casting is the most ancient form of metal casting and has been around since at least Ancient Egypt. Many metal casters prefer using sand casting over many of the other forms of processes because it’s cheap and the sand used is readily available.

Many experienced metal casters will continue to use sand casting even though their abilities and resources allow them to use the other metal casting methods like Lost Wax Casting or Investment Casting. Sand casting involves less material and less effort than the other casting methods. Sand casting is a great way for new casters to get into the trade.

Sand casting generally has a rough surface sometimes with surface impurities, and surface variations. In sand casting, the metal caster will create a mold by placing an original in the flask which is filled with sand. The casting sand used needs to be able to retain the shape of the mold. Finding the right mixture of sand to water is crucial. Too much water can ruin the mold and possibly destroy it while too little water will create a poor casting. Green sand is a type of casting sand that many prefer since its ability to retain the shape of the mold is far better then normal sand. Green sand usually contains bentonite clay, sand, and water. Green sand is growing in popularity as more casters are recognizing the properties of this method. If you have traditionally used regular sand casting, green sand casting will prove to be easier to work with and will produce better casts.

Process:Green sand casting
Material: Ductile Iron-GGG50 Used for: Engine blocks and manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine  parts, medical parts,lifting machine parts; hardware, automobile parts,ect


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