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Gravity Die Castings

The component can be produced in either Aluminium or Zinc. Using a permanent mould called Gravity Die Tooling. Gravity Die Castings are produced by molten metal entering an aperture in the Gravity Die Tooling, this aperture allows metal to enter the cavity to form the cast shape of the Gravity Die-Casting required by the customer.
Precision zinc die casting
Material: Zinc or Zinc Alloy Process: pressure die casting & gravity casting Specification:Pulley Used for Agricultural machines; lifting machines; grinding machines; medical machines

Alloy zinc aluminium die cast
Process: aluminium and zind die casting Material: Aluminium,aluminium alloy; zinc and zinc alloy Used for: Engine blocks and manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine parts

* Gravity Die Casting produced in all grades of Aluminium and Zinc. Higher volumes of precision castings are achievable using the Gravity – Die Casting, external or internal is either produced by means of a purpose made steel core or as previously mentioned an Airset sand core.
* Gravity Die Castings produced are cost effective for quantities of a semi to high volumes. The finishing operations on a Gravity Die Casting are minimal compared to a conventional sand casting, usually on a Gravity Die Casting the joint line is minimal and in some circumstances the need for an operation is not required.
* Mechanical means are some times required for opening and closing of Die Tooling if the Gravity Die Casting to be produced is large and complex.
* Gravity Die-Castings if required by specification can be heat treated to adjust or improve its characteristics.
* Improvement to production rates of Gravity Die Casting can be improved by the use of multiple tooling.
* A Gravity Die-Tooling is able to produce Gravity Die Castings for several years without the need of refurbishment.

Pressure Die Casting - What Is Pressure Die Casting?

The component, produced in all grades of aluminium or Zinc, is formed from a Steel or Iron Tooling Equipment using Molten Metal which is forced under pressure into the running system.

* Used for all grades of Aluminium and Zinc.
* Ideal for very small or medium components with intricate shapes and accurate tolerances.
* Expensive to produce tooling equipment.
* Very inexpensive to produce component.
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