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Gravity Die Casting

NINGBO RUICAN MACHINERY COMPANY cover different foundries and machining factories based on different casting process: investment casting, sand casting and pressure die casting, gravity casting, as well as precision machining with CNC machines

Oil fired Separate melting furnace for controlling charging ratio
We have a Separate melting furnace to ensure molten metal has optimum - temperature, quality and composition. After the melt is prepared we transfer it to a holding furnace through a pre heated crucible. At the time of pouring the metal into the holding furnace the metal is filtered through a ceramic mesh filter.

Melting Furnace
gravity diacasting, gravity die casting, unit in gurgaon
Electric Holding Furnace for temperature control within ± 10 ° C
All treatment is done in a crucible type holding furnace; the furnace has been designed to achieve a metal temperature range of plus minus 10 degree C.

Holding Furnace
gravity diacasting, gravity die casting, unit in gurgaon   
Rotary Degassing machine for Effective Degassing
After the metal is transferred degassing of the melt is done. During this process we pass fine bubbles of Nitrogen at the base and allow them to pass homogenously through the melt. As the gas bubbles pass they by virtue of partial pressure theory collect hydrogen and oxide inclusion and bring it to the surface of the metal. This unclean metal is separated by specially designed sieves.
Mobile Degassing Unit
gravity diacasting, gravity die casting, unit in gurgaon
Band saw for Gate cutting
Our Band saw has a continuous steel blade driven around two pulleys. The saw is used for gate and runner cutting.

Band Saw
gravity diacasting, gravity die casting, unit in gurgaon
gravity die casting, gravity die casting, unit in gurgaon
All our tools are developed in house through computer simulation of Gating Designs depending on specific casting requirements

We have a fully equipped tool room and design office for the development of dies. This includes
» Solidworks for CAD including solid modeling.
» Delcam for CAM i.e. tool path generation
» Diedifice for optimizing the runner and gate design and thermal analysis of PDC dies.
» Has CNC milling machine with 1000 rpm spindle for machining of die inserts


Zinc Die Casting
Material: Zinc or Zinc Alloy Process: pressure die casting & gravity casting Surface Treatment:  nature Used for Agricultural machines; lifting machines; grinding machines; medical machines

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