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Foundry Processes

Foundry & Fabrication are more than just a sand foundry based. The Ruican the following foundry processes or methods of modern casting manufacture in its aluminium foundry china based facility. The company has adopted two sand casting techniques. Firstly the greensand machine moulding technique and more recently the airset moulding method of aluminium casting china or indeed other non ferrous aluminum alloys. In addition to the sand casting china techniques that the foundry has been employing since its incorporation.

Foundry & Fabrication is fully ISO9000 (2000) accredited (please refer to our quality page for further details) and therefore carefully selects the suppliers of materials, such as aluminium or bronze for the casting process. Whether it is the high grade aluminium, sands or special chemicals, used in the synthetic sand or airset moulding casting process. The company focuses on quality and service.

Pressure aluminium die casting
Material: aluminium(A380;ADC12,ect.) & Aluminum Alloy Process: pressure die casting & gravity casting Surface Treatment:  anodizing Used for lighting

Our moulders and gravity die casters are trained to exacting standards and have now over a 100 years of combined experience in the foundry industry to ensure that your product is produced to your specifications. Whether the casting is to be supplied as cast or requires cnc machining, using our in house cnc machine shop, from the management team through to the factory floor, due emphasis is placed on complete customer satisfaction. For greater detail of our cnc machinist uk based capabilities please visit our cnc machining page.

It is essential that the correct method of manufacture is selected for each customers requirement. Whether you have a high volume batch job or smaller quantities of large dimensional castings the company can provide advice as to which foundry process would prove most efficient and appropriate, choosing between airset moulding, greensand machine moulding or aluminium die casting .


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