2017-05-15 15:59:55

Electroplating Process For Die Casting


There are four method of electroplating process for die casting based on daily experience.

Die casting often take insulation protection by insulation coating while electroplating. This insulation protection method is simple and used for complex part. The common insulation coating includes PVC insulation paint, nitrocellulose adhesive and so on.

Bandaging method make insulation protection to non plated surface by plastic cloth or plastic cloth, adhesive tape and other materials. This method is designed by parts shapes. It is application to simple part, especially for circular parts which own regular shapes. Bandaging method is the most simple insulation protection method. However some parts with complex shapes can use special fixture method. It can design a special insulating clamp modeled on part shape to improve production efficient.

Wax protection method has good adhesive properties with parts. Its insulating layer of the end edge will not cock. So it is suitable for the parts which has complicated shape and has high requirement to the dimensional tolerances of the insulation end edge. Besides wax preparation can also be reused and always in small loss. But it not used so easy and often in long cycle.