2017-05-15 15:08:03

Corner casting

Over kinds available
High quality aluminium die casting
competitive price

Alumium die casting :
1)Material:ADC12,ADC10,A356, ZL107,AISi7mg,etc,according to customersrequirement;
2)Product weight from 0.02kg to 300kgs
3)Process:Casting Machining Surface treatment
4)Machining:CNC turning,CNC milling,drilling,etc;
5)Surface Finish:Chrome plating ,spray-paint,Sandblasting,Powder Coating,anodisation,etc
6Inspection equipment:spectrograph,three coordinate measuring machine;
7) Applied software for specification drawings:Pro/e,auto CAD,solid work,UG,CAD/CAM/CAE
8)We will produce die casting part for customer base on OEM and ODM.

1) corner castings/ corner fittining
2) all kinds of spare components for ISO container / shipping container

We can produce various special containers and iso containers:
1) open top container   
2) flat rack
3) bulk container
4) swing door container
5) double door container
6) side door container
7) full access container
8) wide container
9) long container
10) non-standard container
11) 10ft/ 20ft / 30ft/ 40ft/ 40hc/ 45ft/ 48ft/ 51ft/ 53ft/
12) corner castings / corner fittinings


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