2017-05-15 16:04:36

Controlling Points In Forging Process


Forging process is complex, workers usually should do forging for many times. Forging process covers all free forging process steps basically. Since heavy forging, every process dimensions must match each other and ensure forging size. That is an important controlling point in forging process.

Besides repairing the longitudinal anvil. And the length of longitudinal anvil ought to ensure not interfere with operation machine. So workers could do limit expansion. During the forging process, technical personnel had better do technical guidance at the scene, communicate with production team in detail process. Production operators should comprehend the process intention fully. With the good coordination, forging could be processed successfully.

The shape and size of ring forgings is between cylinder parts and ring parts. Using traditional method to do flat anvil forging can not only meet the deformation amount, but also easy to make the size not mean. So people are usually required for process innovation. During the large ring gear forming process, the key work is to determine parameters of each process. If every process dimension has not been matched well, it will appear too long forging process, blank damaged seriously and even the material not enough.