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Chill-casting process

Liquid metal enters the mold via gravity or low pressure. Pouring of the metal and movement of the mold are coordinated to avoid turbulence when the metal enters

the mold. As the metal is poured, the mold is gently vibrated to ensure the complete filling necessary to produce sharp corners and fine detail in the castings.

After each casting cycle, the mold is water cooled to create a significant temperature difference between the liquid metal and the mold. This temperature difference causes a fine, dense grain structure.

The high-quality chill castings that result from the unique RUICAN process offer designers, engineers, and manufacturers many advantages:
* Engineered components with near-net-shape characteristics
* Dimensional uniformity
* Improved mechanical properties
* Pressure tightness
* Close tolerances...dimensional accuracy
* Precision and dimensional repeatability
* Bright, smooth metallic surface

Other advantages of selecting RUICAN castings include:
1. Design freedom... highly complex parts can be produced quickly in virtually any copper alloy, eliminating costly fabrication. Pins, screws, bushings, springs, and other foreign components can be integrated into castings.
2. Reduction (or elimination) of secondary machining operations... a substantial cost savings.
3. Large alloy selection.
4. One-time tooling charge... an important economic feature.
5. 125 RMS surface finish offers additional savings.
6. Quality assurance from drawing to finished products.

Let us help you with a program to economically improve the quality of your existing components. If you need new ideas or ways to cut costs, contact us. Let's talk about your requirements.

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