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Brass gravity casting

Certificate of ISO9001 quality control. The brass part is made of durable bronze brass, gravity casting, CNC machining,

Brass gravity casting and brass die casting
Brass gravity casting can also be called metal mold gravity casting or brass permanent mold casting. Brass gravity casting is different from brass die casting, whose exact name is brass high pressure die casting. Zenith Aluminum and Brass Casting Foundry can do both of these two brass casting processes. However, we only have two sets of cold chamber die casting equipments with tonnage of 160 tons and 280 tons respectively.

Brass gravity cast and die cast products have a much superior surface quality than that of brass sand cast products.But speaking to the condensity of the casting body, the brass gravity cast and die cast parts are inferior to brass sand cast products. Therefore, some critical parts involving pressure are much more properly made by sand casting or gravity casting process. On the other hand, the high pressure die casting process has a much larger yield than other two brass casting processes. So high pressure die casting process is always used for mass production of brass casting parts requiring fine surface quality.

Another critical difference should be noted is that high pressure die casting process can't apply sand cores unlike sand casting and gravity casting processes. Therefore, some concave casting features can't be obtained by brass die casting process.

Factory View
Producet Name : OEM Brass Gravity Casting
Material : Bronze Brass Alloy
Water Pressure of Faucet : Explode pressure 35 Kgs . Working pressure : 8 -10 Kgs.
Major Manufacturing Process : Gravity Casting , CNC Machining , Polishing, Plating , Assemble, Function test, Packing , warehouse .
Capacity Of Production :OEM , ODM Professional Supplier.
Certificate of ISO : Iso 9001, 14001 .

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