2017-05-15 15:51:16

Benefits Of Mold Flow Analysis


As we all known, mould flow analysis can offer many useful information. Such as the needing injection pressure and clamping pressure. Certainly you can know whether the part is full. Many filling problems can be make sure through mould flow analysis. Such as short shot, bubble and the unbalance filling. Mould flow analysis allow to change the position of gate, the injection speed and other process conditions.

Sometimes people predict the deformation trend and estimates by deformation analysis. Deformation analysis can be used for comparing gate position, the variation of wall thickness or design changing. Mould flow analysis can check and correct prototype which has some problems. Of course this analysis could know the efficiency of cooling circulating waterway. Put the cooling analysis into deformation analysis can increase the precision. It is difficult to change after finishing, because of cooling water is in the mold. So this analysis is very useful before opening the mold.

Mould flow analys is can forecast the position of weld line occurs. At the same time, it could help the line to a place which is not easy to be occurs. Mould flow analysis also could offer some clues which effect weld line quality. Such as melt flow temperature at the front end and weld line pressure which is full.

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