2017-05-15 15:21:52

Be Careful In Forging Process


Forging process includes cut the material to required size, heating, forging, heat treatment, cleaning and inspection. In the small artificial forging, all of these operations are carried out by several blacksmith overhand and underhand in narrow places. They are exposed to harmful environment and occupation hazards in the same. In large forging workshop, the harm is varies with different jobs. Although working conditions are various with different forms for forging. But there are some common characteristics. They are moderate intensity physical labor, the microclimate environment with dry heat, noise and vibration, air polluted by smog.

The workers exposed to high temperature air and heat radiation that cause heat accumulation in vivo. Calories plus metabolic heat will cause the heat imbalance and pathological changes. Amount of sweat are different with small gas environment, energy consumption and thermal adaptability vary. In large forging workshop, the work point near the furnace or drop hammer machine may be as high as 150 to 190. It is easy to cause the lack of salt and heat cramps. In the cold season,exposure to small changes in climate may promote its adaptability. But rapidly and frequently change may pose a health risk.

There are smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, or contain acrolein in the air. Its concentration depends on the heating furnace fuel type and impurities, and the combustion efficiency, air flow and ventilation condition.

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