2017-05-15 14:31:37

Aluminum and Sand Castings

NINGBO RUICAN MACHINERY COMPANY cover different foundries and machining factories based on different casting process: investment casting, Aluminum Casting, sand casting and pressure die casting, gravity casting, as well as precision machining with CNC machines.

Brass sand casting part
Process: Brass sand casting Material: C26800;C27000;C27200;C27400,ECT.Used for: Engine blocks and manifolds, machine bases, gears, pulleys, agriculture parts,marine parts, medical parts

Some of the industries using Aluminum and brass sand castings from Ruican include:
* Sand Casting for Aerospace Components
* Sand Casting for Agricultural Equipment
* Sand Casting for Automotive Components
* Sand Casting for Large Truck Components
* Sand Casting for Machine Shops
* Sand Casting for Machine Production
* Sand Casting for Medical Components
* Sand Casting for Military and Government applications
* Sand Casting for O.E.M. Applications
* Sand Casting for Pump and Valve
* Sand Casting for Prototypes
* Sand Casting for Robotics components
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