2017-05-15 15:23:58

Aluminum Gravity Casting Mold


Advanced equipment is a necessary factor which can ensure product quality. And it is also very important in die casting. Especially for aluminum alloy parts for automobile. Mold accuracy and durability have obvious influence on the quality of the products.

Aluminum alloy is in low melting point and good casting properties. Casting shapes are formed by the mold directly in mass production. Such as engine aluminum alloy cylinder block,cylinder head and others. This is not only conducive to improve labor productivity, but the more important is control structure and grain size of casting, improving casting quality through adjusting the temperature distribution in the different parts of mold. At the same time, it also avoid pollution that caused by extensive use of other materials and improve workshop working conditions. Mold is aim to form the mold cavity in black metal casting. Generally speaking mold is not contact with melt liquid directly. Especially for non metal casting with complex shape. The material contact with hot liquid metal is modeling material. Certainly it is mainly about sand casting. Modeling material is mainly factor that effect casting quality.

Aluminum alloy gravity casting mold are because the shape of the casting is in different complicated degrees. Using different casting process, the molds are always different. However aluminum alloy gravity casting mold still has its common.

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