2017-05-15 15:55:41

Advantages Of Investment Casting


Biggest advantage of investment casting is that can reduce mechanical processing work. Because investment casting has high precision and surface finish. Investment casting only need little processing work on some positions and even some casting only stay grinding and polishing allowance. So investment casting method can save large quantity of processing time and machine tool equipment.

Investment casting can make different kinds of complex alloy castings, especially for alloy castings with high temperature. For example, the streamline outline and cooling cavity of jet engine blades can not be processed by machinery. Investment casting can not only batch production which ensure the consistency of castings, bu also avoid the stress concentration of the residual knife lines.

Generally speaking, investment casting has high size precision. It can reach to CT4-6. But the consistency of ordinary investment casting need to be improved. Because the investment casting process is usually complex. There are many factors influence the size precious of casting, such as die material shrinkage, casting alloy deformation, shrinkage rate and castings deformation in the solidification process. People like to adopt pressure type which with high smoothness surface while fusible mode. The shell painted is made of special binder with high temperature resistant and refractory material.