Sodium Silicate Casting

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Because of its unique properties, sodium silicate is found in a huge area of applications. Sodium silicate is used to manufacture detergents, catalysts, TiO2 , absorbing agents, (fire resisting and acid-proof) cements, molds; it is also used in the water purification field, boarding, de-inking of paper, purification of metal surfaces, ... In addition, because of its interesting binding properties, sodium silicate is used as an aid in processing.

sodium silicate process
- high quality standard
- strict quality test
- on time delivery
- Saving energy, low cost.

Process feature:
1. Advanced production technology:
2. Low cost, high efficiency
3. Process maturity
4. Equipment reliable/failure rate below 5%
5. System stability
6. SHE reach government's requirement
7. System main production equipment description