Complex Shell Process

The process is generally used for small castings, but has produced complete aircraft door frames, steel castings of up to 300 kg and aluminum castings of up to 30 kg. It is generally more expensive per unit than die casting or sand casting but with lower equipment cost. It can produce complicated shapes that would be difficult or impossible with die casting, yet like that process, it requires little surface finishing and only minor machining.

- Can form complex shapes and fine details
- Very good surface finish
- High production rate
- Low labor cost
- Low tooling cost
- Little scrap generated

Alloy Steel:ASTM 430;ASTM410;ASTM 416,ect.Carbon Steel:WCB,AISI1020;AISI1045;S355J2G3,S235JR,ect.Stainless Steel:SS304;SS316;SS316L;17-4 PH;ect.Copper:C21000;C26800;C27000;C27200,ect.

Company Strength:
1 Qualified engineers provide practical advice on your products
2 Strict inspection system guarantees the high level of quality
3 Well-equipped factory support sophisticated production
4 Make products according to customer's drawings, specifications or samples
5 Supply OEM service to Canada, USA, and west Europe Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, etc. over 15years .

Molds and cores are made by chemically bonded sand or shell molding processes depending on the size, shape, complexity and quantity of the castings involved.